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Case of our new initiatives

01 Screen Printed Biomedical
Electrode Sheets

Noble’s biomedical electrode sheets are ultra light weight, multi layered and resistant to extraneous noise.
With a barely noticeable feeling to the wearer, added comfort is provided by propretary foam material.
It is possible to respond to EEG, Electrocardiogram and Electromyogram.
It is formed by screen printing, which is an environmentally friendly construction method.

Sectional view of wiring section
Sectional view of wiring section

02 Optical Non-
Contact Sensor

In recent years, touchless technology has been advancing, enabling buttons and switches to be fully operational without contact by finger. Noble has developed non-contact type sensor sheets where touchless ICs are mounted on our high grade PET film, using low-temperature soldering. This technology is highly suited for applications needing enhanced hygiene as detection is achieved without direct mechanical contact. Suggested for operating switches and panels of public facilities such as elevators and vending machines.

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Touchless Sensor Demonstration Machine
Touchless Sensor Demonstration Machine

03 Transparent Electrode
Touch Sensor

Full switch illiminaion is possible with Noble’s screen printing on PET film Microcomputers and LEDs can be mounted.
Curved surface shapes or Non-contact switches as hovering adjustments are also available. Well suited to the home appliance market, along with numerous others.

Transparent Electrode Touch Sensor
Touch Sensor Demonstration Machine

04 Capacitance
Water Level Sensor

Noble’s Capacitance Sensor Film Sheet offers fluid level sensing for a variety of applications. Noncontact design provides excellent durability, safety and ultra clean usage. Film sheets offer customized shape and flexible design. There are possibilities for various applications include beverage/fluid dispensers, irrigation and other outdoor water products.

Capacitance Water Level Sensor

05 Resistance Curved
Slide Position Sensor

Noble’s Film Technology has been developed for a variety curved slide position sensors, replacing those on a flat plane and rigid surface.
Thin, lightweight, with 1step installation, applications include digital still cameras, focus for reflex camera, zoom control, and position sensor for aperture stop.

Curved Slide Position Sensor Curved Slide Position Sensor

06 ResistancePosition Sensor

  • Rotary type
  • Slide type

Rotary and slide configurations can be selected by application, such as position detection for various controllers (Radio, Game, and Drone) and medical devices (Syringe pumps). 7mm, 9mm, and 11mm rotary are built with improved linearity, reflow resistance, and extended life by using an enhanced resin substrate. Travel lengths of 12mm, 32mm, and beyond 100mm for linear position sensing are built with improved linearity and hysteresis. Ultra thin and light weight through the use of a film substrate.

Resistance Position Sensor Rotary type
Rotary type
Resistance Position Sensor Slide type
Slide type


Rotary type
Slide type

07 Magnetic Non-Contact
Position Sensor

Magnetic Non-Contact Position Sensor

Modern times have seen growing demand for drones in “agriculture”, “surveying”, “inspection” and numerous other applications.
The servo motors mounted on all drones are requiring a longer service life.
As a result, Noble has developed a 9mm sized non-contact position sensor that provides both a high level of precision and enhanced service life by mounting a Hall effect IC with magnet on our standard rotary potentiometer detection product.

08 Optical Non-
Contact Encoder

Optical Non-Contact Encoder

Encoders that convert position changes into electrical signals and output them are now required to have more precise operation control and endurances. Detection device has been updated for a version with touchless, optical IC to provide a compact and non-contact type encoder.
This 14mm sized non-contact type encoder achieves high resolution and long life through optical (brushless) reading rather than conventional mechanical contact brush.

09 Metal Plate
Chip Resistor

Metal Plate Chip Resistor

High functionality within a limited mounting space is a frequent design requirement.
As a result, Noble has developed an ultra small surface mount type chip resistor capable of detecting large currents.
This chip resistor is low resistance of 10mΩ or less.
Primary circuit applications are in air conditioners, large battery chargers, general-purpose inverters, and devices handling up to an estimated 10A.

About us Maintaining key processes in-house is a top priority at Noble.

In keeping with our founder's principles, Noble(Teikoku Tsushin Kogyo Co., Ltd) has interconnected systems ranging from material research and design, mold development, assembly equipment construction and mass production.
This allows flexible production lines which accommodate small to larger amounts of our product varieties.
It is especially true with Noble's Custom made products which combine multiple controls and functions into a single unit.

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